Handmade in Portugal

Banana Split is Joana. Hi! 🍌

I was living times of uncertainty and monotony when I decided to enroll in a sewing course. That's how I discovered my passion! I started to idealize Banana Split, a brand that celebrates the lighter and warmer days, the ones where we stretch out until sunset.

I studied Marketing and Advertising but - guess what - after finishing my course and an internship in Sweden, I didn't feel motivated enough to work in that area. I put aside the career to which I was destined to dedicate myself to designing and making accessories. Now, at 26, I finally have a routine I'm passionate about. This is what I love.

Banana Split came to life in 2021 and now, the colorful brand is back and full of new arrivals for 2023 !

In my small atelier in downtown Lisbon, everything is done with my own hands: the design of the patterns, the choice of materials, the sewing and the packaging for shipment and delivery.

May this collection bring you happiness on the long days at the beach and the afternoons spent by the pool.

Circular Economy

Since the beginning, Banana Split has been on the way to becoming a sustainable brand. The first step starts with packaging: Most of our products arrive at our clients homes in reused boxes.

Most parcel boxes end up directly in the trash. So I thought: "Why would I buy new ones and create more waste?". I know they don't have the aesthetics of a new, immaculate packaging, but the truth is that what matters is the content 🤷‍♀️

In addition, all these products will be sent in a bag made with leftover fabric from previous collections. So, we say goodbye to paper and you can use this bag to take, for example, a pair of shoes on your next trip.

In the future, I hope to work with recycled materials and make Banana Split a 100% sustainable brand. This is the first step of that commitment.